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The awful wait for dad to come back and deal with you.

Top and Centre photos: Discipline One

Lower photo: Spankastique

Worst Moments 1: Anticipation


We were sitting around in the Sixth Form Common Room when Jennie came in, rubbing her bum and rather red-eyed. She'd just been given six of the best with a senior cane by Mrs Winchester, the Headmistress. We examined Jennie's 'trade marks' and awarded Winnie 9 out of 10: the stripes were a rich purple and nicely ridged, but although five of them were neatly parallel, the sixth was at a slight angle, so Winnie lost a point there for inaccuracy.

The miserable, rainy day was soon enlivened by a discussion centred around Jennie's recent predicament.

We decided that corporal punishments falls into three distinct phases: Anticipation, Action, and Afterwards. Most of us reckoned that the first of these phases was the worst: that awful wait for the punishment to take place.

One of the girls put at the top of the list 'Go to your room and prepare yourself: your father will be home soon and he'll deal with you then.' Others disagreed: they hated it when you had bent over and a few moments later felt the light touch of the rattan against your bare cheeks, and realised that the first stroke was just seconds away. Personally, I'll always remember the first time I was put across someone's knee - an uncle's in my case - and felt my knickers being slipped slowly down over my bottom. Luckily, I had no idea then how hard Uncle Ben spanks.

Then we got on to Action itself.


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The first stroke: any second now

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Lowering of the knickers for the very first time

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