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The dare

caning, spanking, corporal punishment


Well, it really had been rather rash. They'd been sitting there in Jessica's room, bored to tears on yet another grey and cloudy Sunday afternoon, when Jessica had suddenly said:

"I know, let's dare each other to do something. If you agree to play, then you can't refuse the dare."

Hermione had hesitated for a moment, but for want of anything else to amuse themselves, she gave her consent.

They tossed a coin to decide who'd make the first dare. Jessica won, and thought for a few moments. Her eyes lit up.

"I know. I want you to run twice around the school in high heels."

"That's all. Sounds rather boring."

"Oh yes, I forgot one detail. All you can wear are the shoes and that short shirt you have on."

"What about my jeans."

"I'm afraid not. Not even knickers."

"Good grief!"

"You can't back out now: you promised."

"Oh bloody hell!"

But Hermione was a 'sport' and rose to the challenge. She stripped off her jeans and panties, and looked out of the window. Most of the girls had gone down to the town. She wasn't sure about 'Fuzzy' Furse, the house-mistress, but she usually took her dog for a walk on Sunday afternoon.

Hermione took a deep breath, stuck her tongue out at Jessica, and said "You just wait until it's your turn." With that, she let herself out of the door and a few minutes later Jessica watched as Hermione flitted past on the first lap, making as much use of whatever cover she could: walls, hedges, bushes, even flower beds. But that still left open ground across which the girl could be seen sprinting for dear life. Hermione disappeared around the back of the school building.

And then Jessica saw her: 'Fuzzy' had emerged from the back door and was standing half-hidden behind some hollyhocks, looking to her right. She was carrying a cane. She suddenly ran swiftly forward and crouched down behind a low brick wall. To her horror, Jessica could see Hermione peering out from behind some bushes. There was no way she could warn her friend, who suddenly broke cover and dashed forward, straight into the ambush.

As Hermione reached the wall and doubled over to try to conceal herself, 'Fuzzy' stood up. Jessica couldn't hear what was being said, but it didn't appear that they were having a particularly friendly chat. Then 'Fuzzy' stepped, with surprising dexterity, across the wall. Hermione saw her point the cane at a wheelbarrow, and the next moment Jessica was reluctantly lowering herself over it, grasping its metal sides.

Even through the closed window of her room, Jessica could hear the 'crack!' of each stroke, and Hermione's cry in response, as 'Fuzzy' dished out six of the best to her friend's bare and writhing bottom.



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