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Book 2  By the Cane Divided

Autumn 1957. The girls reassemble at Bexhill School. A glance into the future reveals how a severe caning can be ruthlessly exploited in a lust for power, even by those of a relatively tender age. On the bright side, we find two French exchange students espouse the Entente Cordiale by standing up for (or – more precisely – ‘bending over’ for) their English friend.
Returning to the present, Catharine and Debbie soon learn that misbehaviour leads to more than a few swats with a hairbrush, while Anna (their Dormitory Captain) – caught up in the same event – receives a caning that awakens a dark side to her character. This leads to the founding of the rather unorthodox Bexhill Spanking Society, which will eventually have far-reaching ramifications.
A government inspector calls, to the discomfort of staff and pupils alike, while Catharine and Debbie learn the price of cheating in the end of term exams.
If your interest is aroused by well-written prose, a bit of wit, and above all the crack of the cane and the slap of wood and leather on bare bottoms, now richly illustrated, this book is for you.


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By the Cane Divided


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