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TV is bad for your bottom

Spanking, corporal punishment


The strict rule when Debbie was staying with Aunt Alyse was: no TV until after all the homework is done.So when the aunt returned unexpectedly early and Debbie was perched in front of the box watching Coronation Street, it was not surprising that Aunt Alyse asked to see the completed schoolwork. Of course it wasn't 'completed'; it wasn't even even started.This was the bit Debbie almost hated most: the moment when Aunt Alyse told her to go and fetch the hairbrush. It was an evil implement, long and stingy. It lived in the second drawer down in Aunty's wardrobe.When she got back with it, Aunty would - as now - be sitting on a chair. She'd silently hold out her hand for the brush. Debbie knew what had to happen next: she'd have to peel down her panties, and lower herself over Aunty's  lap. Then she'd feel her skirt being folded up, the air cool against her bare backside. That was the moment Debbie would let go of her aunt's knee and put her hands on the floor or grip the legs of the chair..All this seemed to take ages: the awful prelude to what was about to happen. Any second Aunty would start. The whacks would rain down, each cheek addressed in turn, each smack of the wood against Debbie's reddening bottom feeling like the sting of a bee. She knew that within a minute she'd be howling and kicking, but the spanking would go on and on and on.How she wished she wasn't addicted to Coronation Street.


(The photo is probably from Nu-West/Leda. Acknowledged with thanks to this seminal site)



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