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Jennie soon started yelling under the lash of the Prefects' crops

Some girls were told to bend over a chair, but NOT to put their hands in the way...


The Grand Parade


Like Jane before her, Jennie took my caning bravely, but soon started yelling when the Prefects began tanning her backside with their riding crops, especially as her knickers proved durable and were still intact after the first round of twelve lashes. I ordered the Prefects to give her two additional strokes each, and again it was Catharine who succeeded in making the first rent in the poor girl's panties. (I must inspect her crop: I wonder if she's roughened its surface? If so, she'll feel it across her own backside).

After Jennie, the Prefect's got more inventive and required some of their victims to bend over chairs, or place their hands on the seat of a sofa.

The whole process of the Prefects tanning took around twenty minutes, and there were some very sore bottoms at the end of it. When it was all over, and the whimpering victims had left the room, I noticed that some of the Prefects were strangely flushed. I don't think it was only because of the exercise they had just taken, an impression reinforced when some of them slunk discretely away to their rooms, scarcely waiting until they were out of sight before beginning to touch their private parts.


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... others were told to lift their skirts and place their hands on the seat of a sofa


Photo from Rearwarmer

Afterwards, there were six very sore bottoms

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