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The reluctant Prefect

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It was a strange situation. For a start, Cynthia was an excellent Captain of the House in all respects except one. Alas, the exception was important: she was reluctant to apply corporal punishment when it was necessary, something her position required of her. Miss Grace, the Housemistress, had spoken to her about it, but in the three months since her appointment, Cynthia had spanked not a single bottom. This, of course, had not gone unnoticed by the girls. The general opinion was 'we've got an easy touch here' and discipline had started to slip noticeably.  

Miss Grace had become so concerned that she'd invited the Headmistress round to discuss the matter.

"I'm hearing rumours that it's my fault. They're even saying I'm unfit for the job because I'm the first coloured Housemistress."

"That's nonsense," the Headmistress had replied reassuringly. "Call Cynthia in and I'll speak to her."

"As a matter of fact, this is a good moment. Megan, her best friend, was caught reading a smutty magazine last night. I think she may also have been playing with herself. As you know, the penalty for both offences is the paddle, but I'm sure Cynthia will refuse again."

"All right, bring Megan in as well and we'll see."

It was as predicted. Megan admitted ogling the photos in "Bodybuilding for Men" and blushed when asked whether she'd also been abusing herself. But when Cynthia was invited t carry out the mandatory punishment, she declined.

"We're not actually asking your opinion, Cynthia," the Head said sternly. "I don't care what your personal views are. You accepted the role of House Captain, which you knew might involve dispensing corporal punishment. Megan will receive 12 strokes of the paddle, and you will deliver them.  Megan, remove your skirt and bend over with your hands on the desk. Cynthia, please give this girl the punishment she deserves."

Cynthia gulped, took the implement, hesitated, then brought it down in the gentlest of swings: it wasn't a 'stroke' in any sense of the word. Hardly even a tap.

"Cynthia, unless you pull yoursef together, you'll take Megan's place and I'll give you a reminder of what 12 swipes with a paddle should feel like!"

Megan, poor girl, was the picture of bemusement. She hadn't expected to become the 'meat in the sandwich' in a dispute between the Headmistress, the Housemistress, and the House Captain. She turned to Cynthia and muttered out of the side of her mouth.

"Look, Cynth, one way or another, my poor bum is going to get whacked. It really doesn't care who does it, so can we just get it over with!"

Cynthia reluctantly raised the paddle high above her shoulder.

"Twelve!" barked the Headmistress. "And hard!"

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