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Flo gets her cane

Spanking, corporal punishment, caning


Flo was on top of the world. She'd just come back from the Headmaster's study where he'd confirmed that she was to be Head Girl next term. Then he'd formally presented her with her 'Cane of Office', a pliant Senior rattan.

The Headmaster had asked her if she'd like him to show her how to use it, and although she'd been on the receiving end of canings several times herself, she felt it was prudent to agree. He'd told her that canings should normally be given on the bare bottom, partly for the loss of dignity it conferred on the receiver, and partly so that the caner could check how much effect each stroke was having.

Then he'd placed a cushion across the arm of the sofa. Conveniently, the cushion-cover was two-toned. The Headmaster told her to imagine that the division between the colours was the crack down a girl's bottom, and he then showed her how to align the cane: the tip should be placed halfway across the right buttock (if the caner was right-handed). A common mistake, he explained, was to land the cane too far over, so that it whipped round against the side of the thigh, which could be dangerous. In the same vein, he told her on no account to swipe too high - never above than the top of the crack.

The most effective place to apply a stroke was the 'sit spot', he said, the point where the bottom joins the thigh. Flo already knew that from bitter experience: her two canings from the Headmaster had both culminated in a powerful lash to the 'sit spot'.

Finally, he'd told her that she must limit any punishment to no more than six strokes, although this could be extended by a maximum of three 'extras' if the victim interrupted the punishment by putting her hands in the way or standing up.

Then he'd told her to take a few practice strokes against the cushion and when he was satisfied, he shook her hand, congratulated her on her appointment, and dismissed her.

Now she stood in front of the mirror in her study, posing with the flexed cane. She was looking forward to this very much. In fact, the thought flashed into her mind, she'd inaugurate 'Flo's Assizes', a Sunday evening reckoning for all who'd trangressed during the previous week. Yes, it was a brilliant idea. She could hardly wait for the holidays to pass so that she could implement it.


Read about Flo's Assizes in Bexhill School, Book 3, 'Six Across'



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