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spanking, caning, corporal punishment

It was the way things were done at the school. After supper, as the hour of free time began before it was time for bed, the Head Girl would seek out anyone due for punishment. The wretched victim would pale as she was told to report to her dormitory and wait for the Headmistress. When she got to the dorm, she would find the designated implement - hairbrush, paddle, tawse, or (worst of all) cane - lying  on her bed. She would then have to prepare herself by shedding her skirt. After that, the awful wait began. The Headmistress might be involved in dishing out a thrashing in a neighbouring dorm, in which case the sound of whacks and cries were guaranteed to reduce the waiting girl to a state of 'jelly knees'. 

This was just how Cynthia felt as she stood with her hands behind her back, regarding the cane which would shortly be slashing into her knickers. The poor girl in the next dorm was getting the tawse and howling her head off. Cynthia knew that she'd soon be doing the same as the rattan seared across her bottom. 

She heard to door of neighbouring dormitory close and the Headmitress's approaching footsteps. She gulped and tried to steel herself for what was to come.



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Photo credit: Torch Echo

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