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spanking, caning, corporal punishment


The thing about blotting paper is that it's just an 'urban legend' that it takes the sting out of a caning. The other point to bear in mind is that if you stuff too many sheets of it down your knickers, it's going to show.

Jessica knew that she would be up for a whacking at the end of the Geography class. She hadn't done her homework again and Miss Everest had made it abundantly clear on the last occasion (only a week ago) that next time it happened Jessica would find herself over the desk for a dose of the cane. If there hadn't been time to cobble together the homework assignment, there'd scarcely been time to stuff a few doubled-over sheets of pink blotting paper inside her panties. Of course, as soon as she'd been told to bend over Miss Everest's desk, the outline of the armour had been obvious. As the teacher lowered the thin, green knickers and revealed the 'blotch' (as it was universally known at Bexhill), she clicked her tongue.

"Silly girl," she muttered, "Silly, silly girl. That stupid attempt to protect yourself is going to cost you. You'll get twelve strokes instead of six. Now, you'd better grip the edge of the desk really tightly, because if you move, you'll get even more."

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Photo from the late, lamented Penitents

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