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Do NOT be late home!

Spanking, corporal punishment

How many times did the girl have to be told? 'After school, you come straight home'.

That was the rule and it was inflexible unless she had received prior permission to return later. So when she turned up an hour and a half late and wanted me to admire the new shirt she'd just bought with her friend Jane, she got short shrift. I fetched that little paddle (small it may be, but boy! it stings) and had her over my lap with her knickers down before she could say 'Please, mum, no - please!' 

"If you'd only had the basic courtesy to ask before you went shopping, I might have said yes. But you didn't, you just waltzed off with your friend leaving me and Jane's mother wondering what on earth had happened to you. We 'phoned the school and I was about to call the hospital. We were worried sick."

"Sorry mum,  I'm very sorry, but please no more, it really hurts."

"It's supposed to hurt and I'm going to keep on spanking you until I think the lesson has sunk in. Now stop wriggling and kicking your legs."

Not far away, Jane was waiting nervously in her bedroom. She'd been sent there as soon as she came home. Now she could hear the sound of her mother's footsteps coming up the stairs.



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