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The bottom of the garden

Spanking, corporal punishment

"Come for a walk in the garden," he'd said. I thought it sounded a bit ominous and I was soon proved right.

"Your mother tells me you've become very bratty recently. What have you got to say for yourself?"

"I've no idea what she means."

"Not helping around the house, being rude, not keeping your room tidy...I could go on."

"Why doesn't she deal with this herself? Why does she always have to drag you into these things?" I think I pouted. Unwise. We'd just got to the old stone well at the bottom of the garden. He sat down on it.

"She rather considerately asked me to bring you out here to do what I'm going to do. Would you rather I spanked you in the house, while your cousins are staying there? It would certainly be quite entertaining for them, wouldn't it?"

"You're not going to spank me out here, in the open air, where anyone might see? You're not, are you?"

He didn't answer, he just pulled me across his knee, jerked my panties down, and started laying into me. My God, it stung, but what really worried me was whether my cousins might be watching from an upstairs window.

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